Saturday, September 10, 2011


Youtube review: monsta243

"Holy shit is this movie ever a mind fuck!"
- Running With Scissor's Review

"A surreal head trip..."
- Michael Todd Schneider, Maggot Films.

"Video Geisteskrank is an extremely gruesome movie..."
- Running With Scissors' Review

"#83 - Video Geisteskrank"
- Running With Scissors' Top 100 Most Violent Movies

"Ronny Carlsson's short, Video Geisteskrank, which I believe translates to "Video Deranged" is perhaps one of the most lurid, brutal and unsettling shorts I have ever seen. The movie, silent and shot in black and white using mostly available light has a snuff/neo-mondo feel to it."
- Pericles Lewnes, director of Redneck Zombies and LOOP.

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