Tuesday, May 21, 2013


If only I updated this place. Sorry about that. I want to do it, I just forget. But let's try, shall we? Give me another chance!

Let's try and get you up to date here:
- Dust Box scored distribution in US - they own the world rights now. HOPEFULLY it will be released towards the end of 2013/early 2014. We are, however, putting out a LIMITED TO 5 COPIES release on Dust Box to our Facebook friends. Let the battle begin!

- Me and my friend Daniela Melin made a film called Goodbye, Little Betty. It's awesome. We shot it for no money and with a phone. It's awesome. You can read some reviews:
We also put out an awesome box of it in a limited to 10 copies run. It's the biggest box I've ever release, and probably ever will!

- Me and Daniela Melin are making the second phone movie soon, it's called Creature 2013, and is more horror oriented.

- I made a new music video for Feeding Fingers!

- I'm writing a script on the side that I am happy with so far, but it's not something I plan to produce/direct myself. It's called Megabyte.

- Récompence got a new review just now:

- We are putting out 20 more DVDs of Regissören. This time in a parodic/homage to Japanese release. It's almost sold out:

- Finally, we are selling off some props/clothes from Récompence, Video Geisteskrank, My Monster and Regissören:

I think you are up to speed now. Hopefully I can keep this place updated, but it just seems pointless when no one is reading. But if I don't update, no one will read. Oh this horrible circle of failure and laziness...