Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The cast/crew premiere this past weekend went great! Had a good time, and everyone seemed to get along well. It was essentially a meeting of several of my friends, so it could've gone either way. But it went excellent! It started with some pizza, then Récompence, and finally Dust Box. Both films are interesting to watch on the big screen (with Récompence I can't help but notice a few issues we had during filming). Thanks to Rickard Gramfors of Klubb Super 8 for letting us have the premiere at his place in Lakene!

And here is a great review by Mario Dominick:


Friday, September 14, 2012


Adam Groves at had this to say about Dust Box:

"Creepy and unnerving art-horror from Sweden’s Ronny Carlsson, whose talent for surreal apprehension is put to unforgettable use."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The movie was finished recently, and we have some updates to give you.

First of all, two reviews! The first one is by Annie Riordan, and it's extremely positive. The second one by Tommy Söderberg isn't quite so positive:

Those two were the first to get to review the film. I have since also sent out 12 letters to reviewers and sponsors (at IndieGoGo). I've gotten a review by one of them, Pete Ellot, which you can find on my Facebook page (Ronny Carlsson) under Notes. I'm expecting a few more reviews to be online soon.

I'm currently working on Film Bizarro Releasing, our new underground distributor:
We'll soon announce the first title!

I hope to have more Dust Box updates soon - hopefully regarding distributors or festivals, but I doubt it :) Hah.

Friday, June 29, 2012


In a few hours the entire gang will be together again, for the third and final weekend of filming. Can't wait for the editing process to officially start!

Monday, June 4, 2012


The first weekend of filming is officially over. It was a very interesting experience. Problematic? Sure. Stressful? Sure. But it was definitely a good weekend, we had a good time and we got a lot of fantastic scenes done. Can't wait to continue this coming weekend!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yeah, it's about time I post an update here! Well, that's not all - it's about time we start filming DUST BOX! Yes, it's finally here. Started writing the script over a year ago, which makes this the longest "pre-production" of mine (usually being around a month, tops). What can I say, I like to work fast!

Anyway, we start filming on saturday (2 June 2012), so that's very fucking soon. Tomorrow our lovely actress will get here, as well as my trusted camera man and my long-time friend/his girlfriend. So that means it will be a full house here, but also that we'll be more than ready to shoot! Not sure how many weekends it will take (and they won't be in a row, so we might continue filming some in July).

This year has been hell in my head, but I am about to get the exorcism I need.

I want to thank everyone who has believed in the project, and everyone who has sponsored as well. We are currently doing a round #2 fundraiser which you can find here:
As always, you don't have to donate, but at least spread the word!

Now, let's wish us all best of luck! We definitely need it.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Any day now, a tiny release of Regissören will be available. Limited to 35 copies, where 15 of them are part of an even more EXCLUSIVE FAN EDITION run. More info and how to order:

And here is a review from Mario over at

As for other news... A new draft of Dust Box has been written. We are still looking at a spring filming if all goes as planned. The budget hasn't grown, which is a bummer, but it will be made either way.

Friday, January 27, 2012


We got a fantastic review from Annie over at

And another one from Surreal Goryfication:

As many of you know, I released the movie for free through Megaupload, but since that page has been raped now it's not available for download (neither are my other films - VG, MM and even Récompence which I released for free at the same time). I will probably upload Regissören again, but interest doesn't seem to be too big anyway so the people who wanted it probably have it already!

I've started rewriting Dust Box now and it's going well. Added lots of scenes, and spent some time with my cinematographer last weekend where we went through some scenes. Got some good stuff up our sleeves!