Friday, September 14, 2012


Adam Groves at had this to say about Dust Box:

"Creepy and unnerving art-horror from Sweden’s Ronny Carlsson, whose talent for surreal apprehension is put to unforgettable use."

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The movie was finished recently, and we have some updates to give you.

First of all, two reviews! The first one is by Annie Riordan, and it's extremely positive. The second one by Tommy Söderberg isn't quite so positive:

Those two were the first to get to review the film. I have since also sent out 12 letters to reviewers and sponsors (at IndieGoGo). I've gotten a review by one of them, Pete Ellot, which you can find on my Facebook page (Ronny Carlsson) under Notes. I'm expecting a few more reviews to be online soon.

I'm currently working on Film Bizarro Releasing, our new underground distributor:
We'll soon announce the first title!

I hope to have more Dust Box updates soon - hopefully regarding distributors or festivals, but I doubt it :) Hah.