Thursday, May 31, 2012


Yeah, it's about time I post an update here! Well, that's not all - it's about time we start filming DUST BOX! Yes, it's finally here. Started writing the script over a year ago, which makes this the longest "pre-production" of mine (usually being around a month, tops). What can I say, I like to work fast!

Anyway, we start filming on saturday (2 June 2012), so that's very fucking soon. Tomorrow our lovely actress will get here, as well as my trusted camera man and my long-time friend/his girlfriend. So that means it will be a full house here, but also that we'll be more than ready to shoot! Not sure how many weekends it will take (and they won't be in a row, so we might continue filming some in July).

This year has been hell in my head, but I am about to get the exorcism I need.

I want to thank everyone who has believed in the project, and everyone who has sponsored as well. We are currently doing a round #2 fundraiser which you can find here:
As always, you don't have to donate, but at least spread the word!

Now, let's wish us all best of luck! We definitely need it.

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